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Veterinary DITI 

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What is DITI?

DITI is Digital Inferred Thermal Imaging and works to detect physiological responses within the body.

How can this help my horse?

As DITI is completely non invasive, there is no stress placed upon the horse during the screening process. Diagnosing pain and dysfunction in animals has always been a long and difficult process, which often becomes costly and drawn out. DITI can offer a cost effective starting point to help pin point, or isolate problematic areas which can then assist with the further investigations by your vet practice. 

Is it pain or behaviour?

There is often the question as to whether it is pain or behaviour which is causing poor performance, especially when there is no evidence or signs of  lameness. As DITI measures the bodies physiological responses and measures autonomic dysfunction which correlates well with regions of pain, we are often able to measure if its pain or behaviour causing the issue.  

Is Thermography about hot and cold spots?

Thermography is not based on hot and cold spots. It is often thought that regions that appear to be 'hot' or 'cold' correlate to the regions of pain or dysfunction. Thermographic reactions are often subtle, which is why all images need to be interpreted by an experienced veterinary surgeon.

When should Thermography be used?

Thermography has many benefits and can be used to assist with the diagnoses of various conditions such as osteoarthritis, dorsal Spinal process dysfunction/ kissing spine and back pathology, tendon and ligament injury, nerve damage/ pain/ impingement, joint dysfunction, TMJ, deep foot pathology, auto immune dysfunction, stress fractures, dental pain and much more. Often thermography can detect changes within tendon and ligament fibres and bone/ joints prior to any onset of lameness so is a good option for preventative care and treatment monitoring.

If you have any questions on the services offered, screening process or to find out if DITI is suitable for your horse, please feel free to contact me directly on 07969 635 754, email at sarah@syncthermology.com or via our head office on 0845 519 5971.

Areas covered: I offer a screening service to a large area covering Coventry, Solihull, The West Midlands and areas of Nottingham, Derby and Staffordshire. SyncThermology offers a nationwide screening service. If you are out of these areas please feel free to contact and you will be directed to your nearest technician. 

As our services are used by many veterinary practices across the country, we will work closely with your vet throughout the diagnostic process and ensure that you receive a quality controlled screening service with a veterinary interp report from one of our team of vets to help assist in further diagnostics if required.

Clinics and Demonstration

I am happy to run educational clinics/ demonstrations for yards, riding clubs and practitioners, contact me directly to discuss your requirements.  



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