Hooves and Hounds Physiotherapy

Specialist in Equine and Canine Physiotherapy

Specialist in equine and canine physiotherapy


For your animals first session please allow a maximum of 1.5 hours for a horse and 1 hour for a dog. During your 1st consultation a full history will be taken including details on any injuries, past or present, any medication your animal may be taking and current work load. This will also be your opportunity to discuss any concerns you may have in detail such as behaviour changes, drop in performance or any thing else you may feel is relevant to the treatment of your animal.

Once all the details have been obtained your animal will be assessed on gait, muscle balance, muscle suppleness and flexibility and a palpation assessment of muscles to feel for areas of tightness, inflammation, pain and spasms with be carried out. Once the assessment is complete treatment will be started. Treatment will consist of manual therapies such as massage, trigger point therapy, myofascial release techniques, passive stretches and ROM (range of movement) exercises and if needed electrotherapy will be used alongside manual therapies. Once a treatment has been completed I will discuss with you any findings and you will be given advice on what to do post treatment.


For routine and follow up sessions please allow 60 minutes for the treatment of a horse and 45 minutes for a dog.  If I could ask that a competent handler be around to handle horses and that where possible all horses legs and coats are free from mud.


All treatments will be carried out under vet referral; this will need to obtained prior to any treatment being carried out. I will obtain the details of your vets upon you making an appointment and send the referral out. Alternatively I can send you a vet consent form and you can request this from them directly. Never allow anyone to treat your animal if this consent has not been obtained. 


Passive streches to support joint function and range of movment