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Frequently asked questions



  1. Do you have be a qualified human physiotherapist to work as an animal physiotherapy? No, the word ‘CHARTERED’ physiotherapist does not apply to animal physiotherapy, only to human practice.  It is important that the animal physiotherapist you use is adequately qualified and regulated in the field of animal physiotherapy and that they hold appropriate insurance.


2.   Can I ride my horse after a treatment? Usually you will be able to exercise you horse after a treatment however each case is different and you will be advised on exercise post treatment.


3.   Will my insurance cover the costs of my animal’s treatment? You would need to check with your own insurance company to see what your individual policy covers, usually if your animal is being treated for an on-going condition then physiotherapy will be available  as part of your insurance.  Please note that all treatments will be expected to be paid for in full after each session and claimed back from your insurers unless agreed otherwise.


4.   Why do you need to obtain a vet referral prior to treating my animal? The Veterinary Surgeon Act 1996, Section 19 restricts the practice of veterinary surgery to registered members of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons subject to a number of exemptions. The Veterinary Surgery exemption order 1962 section 4(a)  states that any treatment by physiotherapy given to an animal by a person be under the direction of a veterinary surgeon.  Veterinary referral will be obtained prior to the treatment of your animal.  




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